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Have you ever wanted to see a photo of your pet, your favorite tree or a beloved family member hanging on your wall or on a blanket, clock, cell phone case or notebook?


I don't just put my own art on products for sale...I can put any photograph on the items in the catalog of 150+ items including prints, cards, art boards, calendars, stickers, apparel, pillows, clocks, wall tapestries, bags, phone cases and laptop sleeves, mugs, pencil cases, journals and notebooks. See the posting below for a list of products and prices.


The prices shown are for taking your photo and doing the basic editing to be able to upload it to my product site. Once it is ready, I will send you a link to preview your product(s). Then you will be able to purchase it directly from the site at your convenience. Please note that if extensive editing or redesign work is necessary, an hourly rate may be added to your final price.


In the two photos below, you can easily see how you can take one photograph and make it work for multiple products. Note that while some photos and drawings can work on all items, most do not because of vertical and/or horizonal orientation. Please keep this in mind when selecting your photo and item(s). In some cases, I can outline a pets head and/or isolate an item for a repeat pattern. This method works well for use on many different products, especially clothing.


Upon request, I can make a black and white drawing, color drawing, or a watercolor painting of your photograph. Prices for this service vary depending upon the detail, size, and time required to complete your specific request. Once your artwork is completed, it can then be uploaded to the website for placement on any and/or all appropriate items in the product catalog.


For specific descriptions of each item listed, visit my Redbubble website. Prices do not include cost for shipping, which will be base upon your location and calculated upon checkout.


I am very excited to help you personalize any of these products. Please email your photos, your questions or special requests.


Thank you,


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