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Final Fling for Black, White & Spring!


You have been meaning to get there, but haven't made it yet.

      The weather has stunk...It's been cold.

           You've been busy...You had to spring clean.

                 But all that is done, warm weather is here...no more hibernating.


Now is the time to get outside and head down to the Speedway Centre for the Arts for the final weekend of my exhibit, Black, White & Spring, Nature Inspired Art!


Through Sunday, April 29, noon to 6 p.m., each day, is your final chance to see the complete collection of 30 original fine art drawings together in one location. In addition to the drawings, many fine art prints in several sizes, and card sets, are available from $10 and up.


This has been a great month at the gallery so far with several originals being sold. Once the show closes, sold pieces will be gone from my collection forever and may only available as a limited edition high end print or other reproduction item.


The Speedway Centre for the Arts is located at 1340 Main Street, Speedway, IN, 46224. Speedway is just a short drive west of downtown Indianapolis and the gallery is walking distance from several fun establishments such as Barbecue and Bourbon, Dawson's on Main, Big Woods Pizza, the A.J. Foyt Wine Vault and more. Free, and no-hassle parking. Why not come on down to Main Street and make a day of it?



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