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After spending the last several months getting this website ready to launch, I feel I am really close to getting the word out about my site, at least to my inner circle of friends and on social media. This is after many weeks of on and off hard work, but (admittedly) with many of the past several weeks, there was no work in the mix due to personal health issues. It is amazing how time can get away from you when life gets in the way. Now, I am back on track and ready to move forward with my website and my art!


Like most artists, I have several creative projects floating around in my mind at the moment. A couple of close friends recently shared personal stories with me inspiring me to draw something for them. I have sketched out notes for one of them, the others are still in my head. As much as I would love to draw only what I am inspired to draw, as a working artist, I have to fit these projects in with work that creates income. As I create these new projects, I will post some photos of work in process of these personal projects in case these projects inspire others. Depending on how they turn out, I hope to make prints available on this site from these works.


In case you are wondering where you can find my art right now besides this website. I am not in a a gallery at the moment, but my art is currently at:

Some of my art on display at Wabash Taproom & Brewery:


I sold a couple pieces of art in this month. The two pieces sold were originally drawn as cards, but the purchasers have chosen to frame them to hang with other art in their home. They now have four of my drawings. It is always exciting to when someone likes your work they have purchased enough you can call the a collector.


My website is set to randomly select different artwork each time each time a person logs in. Today, when I logged in to work on my website, it just happened that one of the the last photos I sold, Waterfall, was the picture that showed up on my screen.


"Waterfall", sold (prints available):


The second work I sold this month is The Letter 'E'. A boring name, I know. When I named this one, I had been naming batches of my artwork over several days and was getting close to burnout. As soon as the buyer of this card saw this one, she immediately said, "Eternity." Like, handing over a pet or a child, it felt odd to have my art renamed. But oddly, it felt right also. Like my art finally had the right home and the right name. A great feeling.

"The Letter 'E' " aka "Eternity", sold (prints available):

My immediate plans for this week are to double check each of the art pieces I have uploaded on this site to make sure the scan is clean and all the text is correct. If that is the case, I will go ahead and do a social media soft launch by early next week. This is both exciting and scary. It is one thing to be listed on sites like Redbubble and FAA, where they control the look and feel. It is another to be in charge of every aspect of your own website from scratch. 


After you have taken some time to look around my webiste, read this blog, and view some of my art, feel free to share any ideas for new blog topics, send me art commissions, request prints and/or send any other questions, requests and suggestions. All constructive feedback is welcome!


All my best,



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