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They say, “When it rains, it pours.” Just recently, opportunity has been calling for me to get my art out in public venues once again. The crazy thing is that these opportunities seem to be coming to fruition all at once.


In addition, this has been one busy week for my art business. I say business because, well, because the business side of art can seem like a lot of work to an artist. Especially when it seems you are super busy and you are doing a million things for your art, except creating art. However, the positive side of the coin is that I can feel my art business growing. As I mentioned in my last blog, for the big picture, it is all about balancing the business with creating and marketing myself.


Back to discussing the opportunities where you can now see my art…


Sometimes you have to find the right art, which can be sold for the right price point when deciding where you will sell your art. So I made the decision to change out the inventory that I have at the Wabash Brewery. I have five pieces on display there, including some of my watercolor designs!


     Wabash Brewing Taproom & Brewery

     5328 W. 79th St., Indianapolis, IN  46268 

     W: http://www.wabashbrew.com

     FB: https://www.facebook.com/wabashbrewingllc/

     T: @wabashbrewing


A former business colleague (we didn’t work in art together, so this was a surprise!) contacted me to let me know she was opening a flower and gift shop. She had admired my work on social media and wants to have my work in her new store. After learning more about the opportunity, I was very excited to be a part of this opportunity. I have taken some inventory to her store and will post more information about this cute gift shop when she is ready to announce her grand opening. When the venue opens, you will be able to see 16 of my ink drawings and several of my watercolor and colored pencils original designs.


About a month ago, the Speedway Centre for the Arts (SCA) put out a call for artists. For the last several months I have been wavering as to whether or not I wanted to go back into a gallery in or near Indianapolis. There are some great art communities in Indianapolis, co-ops, galleries, working studios, etc. I weighed the pros and cons of many. The ones I really liked either had really high price tags, a long wait list for space or were too far for me to drive on a regular basis. Speedway seemed like a perfect fit. The space is a nice building in an area that has seen revitalization in recent years. I spent the majority of my childhood a couple of miles away from downtown Speedway and the Indianapolis 500. This seemed like a perfect fit.


So, earlier this week I, and half a dozen other artists, went before the SCA board with my portfolio. I showed three pieces of my art. They asked me questions and let me ask them questions. It was nice to know they had a screening process. On Thursday, I found out I was accepted into the gallery and Friday I did my artist orientation.


I will officially begin my time as an artist at SCA in October with three original ink drawings on display. I will also have some of my coloring book sets for sale here. For more information about SCA, to learn about art classes, or to stop by the gallery:


     Speedway Centre for the Arts

     1340 Main St., Speedway, IN 46224

     P: 317.654.7323

     W: http://www.speedwayarts.org/

     FB: https://www.facebook.com/SpeedwayArts/

     T: @speedwayarts

     Email: speedwayarts@gmail.com

     Memberships: $30/year


I have accepted an invitation to participate in the Frankfort Community Public Library’s Friends Art Show 2016, “Seasons of Indiana” to support arts programming for children, adults and art exhibitions. The show will be on Friday, November 11 from 7:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. and the art will remain on display throughout that weekend. In addition to coloring book sets, cards and prints, I will have three original pieces on display.


     Frankfort Community Public Library

     208 W Clinton St, Frankfort, IN 46041

     W: http://myfcpl.org/


In addition to the above opportunities, I have registered for an online business class specifically targeted to the needs of artists. This class will take place in October. I have spent a lot of time creating over the years. I have a huge portfolio of work. It is time for me to work diligently on my business for a little bit. Not that I won’t spend time creating. It is just that I have to re-balance so that I can make sure I am able to market myself and ensure that my business is on a solid foundation and not set up for failure. 


With the new ventures in place, I am hopeful to see you in one of these venues in the near futures and hopefully your home will be a new home for one of my designs!

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