Print Tree of Eden (Color & Background) by Danielle Scott

Tree of Eden (Color & Background)

Tree of Eden (Color with Background) is an electronically composed piece created from my drawing titled Tree of Eden (Color). After scanning that original, I simply took elements of the tree and duplicated them into the background till I ended up with the desired end result.

The original drawing, Tree of Eden (color) was inspired by one of my own ink drawings used in my coloring book Fabulous Flowers and Trees. The tree is full of cheerful, colorful flowers, which are nestled into the calming sea of green and blue leaves. As with my black and white ink drawing, you will find little elements within the roots and branches to keep things interesting.

Prints are available in a variety of the most common sizes. The price listed here is for an 8" x 10. If you wish to have a a different size or a matted print of any size, please message me for details and include the name of this artwork in your email.


$20.00 USD