Print Twisted Tree by Danielle Scott

Twisted Tree

Twisted Tree, original ink drawing, is available in high quality fine art prints in a variety of sizes. Please contact the artist for more information.

Twisted Tree, from the sketchbook series 2008-2010. This is the 53rd in a series of 110 freehand ink drawings made in a single sketchbook by the artist. Twisted Tree is an original ink drawing of an old tree with old, gnarly branches that turn and reach for the sky. Original 8" H x 5" W on acid free archival sketchbook paper. 

 Email the artist for high quality prints of this item. Double mats, Bright white outer mat, black inner mat. Size given is for outer mat. Print only price is for print to fit inside given mat size. For personalized mats/mat sizes, email the artist.

Standardized prices are as follows:
  ~5x7, Outer Mat Size, $12. Print only $7.
  ~8x10, Outer Matted, $15. Print only $10.
  ~11x14, Outer Matted, $20. Print only $15.
  ~16x20, Outer Mat Size, $30. Print only $20.
(Shipping additional, based on location of recipient.)

Twisted Tree, Inventory #53
©2009 DJ Scott.